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Super Mario World Over World Theme: Now on iTunes!!/Remix

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for (OK, really, I’ve been waiting for)!  Now you can purchase The Super Mario World Over World Theme for yourself from the iTunes music store by clicking


Not only is it really fun to listen to, but it also makes a great ringtone, alarm, text tone, new email tone… you know, I just might set all my phone sounds to this song!

ADDITIONALLY,Everyone keeps telling me “This song it too short!” or “You should have added this or that instrument!” Well now is your chance to remix Mario to your liking!

 Click here

for a link to all the individual audio stems and put them together however you see fit.

 Let me hear what you come up with!

How Many Instruments?

People keep asking, “How many instruments did you play in your Mario cover“. Or “Dude, I don’t even know what those instruments are!”

This might help.

I present to you a little “Tour De Instrument“. It looks like the answer is 12.


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