Adam Mormolstein


Tennessee: An Audio/Visual Odyssey

“Does anyone know the three rings of marriage?” the man with Lyle Lovett hair asks. “The engagement ring, the wedding ring, and the suffering” he answers.

“A lot of people think this an Autoharp. Well, Autoharp is a brand name. This is a Chorded Zither”

Mark Edeleman, Smoky Mountain Dulcimers: A lesson in musicianship and salesmanship.

Smoky Mountain National Park: Cades Cove

no lawnmowers here.

Jim Oblon Live at FooBar. Josh Hunt on drums, Adam Gardner on Bass.

“Make me down a pallet on your floor”


Owed To Heartache, Ashokan Farewell


Ashokan Farewell.  Another little rainy day

cover, this time of a

sad little


Song written by Jay Ungar

used in Ken Burns, The Civil War.

It’s one of my favorites, but

I think I say that about every song I cover.

Simple and spare,

just the way I like it.

The rain is

from my


I hope you think it’s nice.

On The Wings Of A Nightingale

A rainy Saturday afternoon song written by Paul McCartney for The Everly Brothers covered by Me.

Vintage Kay Guitar for under 30 dollars, What??

My favorite instruments are ones that are a little crusty, and one of a kind.  While driving down the street this weekend Caroline Burdett and I spotted a perfect little gem of a guitar at a garage sale.  A small scale, Kay K-200 Acoustic Guitar from the 1970′s.  It had only two strings, broken tuners, a busted bridge and a lot of dirt and paint on it, but it looked like the perfect candidate for a little DIY afternoon fun.

We were able to negotiate Mr. Garage Sale Man down from $10 to $8 and finally to $4 and some pocket lint.  Then we headed to Avenue N Guitars, and got some new tuners, and strings.  With a little elbow grease and and some finesse I was able to breathe new life into this little gal.  Now she plays like a dream. and all for under $30.  Score!

World’s Worst Musical

My friend Marty Scanlon has been working on a WebSeries called World’s Worst Musical. A 10 part mini series that follows a struggling playwright and his attempt to write a musical. Marty asked me to play drums on episode 2 and I gladly did. Click the above video to check it out!

One Thing I Wish I Was

Here is my newest song! If it looks like i’m using a breathing tube in a couple of the shots, fear not, my lungs are still in good shape.  That’s just my homemade talk box! A talk box allows you to give syllables to the sound of your guitar by using your mouth to form the words.

This video is also the first to feature my new drum/cymbal set up, which is amazing!

I hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more muzak, yo.

I don’t wanna be a solar powered car
‘Cause I wouldn’t get very far
I don’t know why it’s always grey skies
I don’t wanna be a solar powered car

I don’t wanna be the man on the moon
‘Cause then I might see you swoon
Over some other guy from here in this pie
I don’t wanna be the man on the moon

Well I’ll keep on dreaming
I’ll count the days
But I don’t recommend it
I’m dreaming my life away

I don’t like to turn off the lights
It’s not that I’m afraid of the night
But it reminds me of your eyes the day our love died
I don’t like to turn off the lights

Well I’ll keep on dreaming
I’ll count the days
But I don’t recommend it
I’m dreaming my life away

I wish I was a song that you sing
‘Cause then I’d be you, and you me
We’d never part I’d live in your heart
I wish I was a song that you sing

Home Studio Tour

Above is a videotour of my home studio set up.  Below is a more complete list of my equipment.

Martin 000-15m
1962 Harmony Rocket H-59
Custom 77 CS-5 Lust For Life (Thanks Videosongs Blog!)
Fender DG-3 Nashville Strung
Fender  Deluxe Series Jazz Bass
Crown Accordion
Kingston Banjo
1950’s Ludwig 4 Octave Marimba
Oscar Schmidt Auto Harp
Oscar Schmidt Mahogany Concert Ukulele
1950’s Hohner Soprano Melodica

Ludwig Rocker Drumset
1940’s Mahogany Snare Drum
22″ Medium Thin Low K Constantinople  Zildjian Ride Cymbal
14″ K/Z Zildjian Hi-Hats
19″ Istanbul Mel Lewis Signature Crash/Ride
8″ UFIP Class Series Splash
10″ Zildjian ZBT Plus Splash

iPhone 4s
Glif iPhone Tripod Mount

Logic Pro 9
Final Cut Pro X

Fender Princeton 112 plus
Fender Rumble 100 Bass Amp

MXL 3000 Large Diaphragm Condensor
Cascade FatHead Ribbon
Harmon/Kardon Sub Kick
 Shure SM57 Dynamic


ART Tube MP Studio

Yamaha HS80m

15″ 2009 Macbook Pro

Tape Machines
Tascam Portastudio MKII 424
Mid 60’s Bell & Howell Mono Reel to Reel

Vintage Drums & Cymbals!

You never know what you’re going to find on Craigslist.  I saw an ad for a great deal on a WWII Era 24×12 inch Slingerland Bass Drum with dampener, 1960’s Thin A Zildjian High Hats/Stand, an Antique Italian Ride Cymbal (possibly an early UFIP) which connects via a mounted cymbal arm, Antique China Cymbal and stand, a Wood Block, and two Cowbells with Bass Drum hoop attachment.

When I wrote asking if everything was still available, it was, and the seller turned out to be none other than one of my old drum teachers/percussionists/Chicago Music Legend/drum repair extraordinaire, John Maloney!  

This collection has a fantastically unique vintage sound, look, and feel.  The bass drum is low, deep, and punchy.  The hats have an amazingly trashy/washy/jazzy tone to them as does the China.  The ride is very articulate, but capable of a crash that sounds almost like an open high hat.  They perfectly compliment my newly updated snare.  Score!

I can’t wait to incorporate these new sounds into some songs I have on the horizon!

As always stay tuned!!

iPhone Marimba Ringtone/Studio Tour Teaser

I was asked to do a tour of my Home Studio by, and this is a tiny tiny little teaser of my tour for all you iPhone/Marimba fans out there.  This is is the sound I wake up to most mornings.

I wrote out the sheet music for any aspiring 4 mallet marimba players.  It’s only a matter of time before this is part of the standard orchestral repertoire.

Make it your ringtone! 

Vintage Snare. Modified.

Today the parts for my 1940’s Mahogany Snare Drum came in the mail! When I bought the drum there was a very rudimentary snare throw off, which mostly just consisted of a screw to loosen or tighten the snares, but no quick way to “turn the snares off”.  It also had  snare wires that were made of basically Low E Wound Electric Guitar stings which gave it a really “snappy” sound.  I decided to modify the drum to give it a more versatile sound, combining vintage and modern elements, which I love to do!

Once I had the new hardware I made a template to figure out exactly where the holes should be drilled. Then I drilled the holes for the hardware assembly, and screwed the new hardware on and put on the new snare wires.  Voila.  The new mod looks and sounds great and gives me a deeper/more mellow/more sensitive sound then before.