Adam Mormolstein


Just Someone I Used To Know


This is a song written by Cowboy Jack Clement originally known as “Just A Girl I Used To Know”.  Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner had a hit with it on their 1970 album Porter Wayne & Dolly Rebecca.

I was lucky enough to have Tony Paoletta play my ‘spirit instrument’, the pedal steel on this track, and it sounds great!



Blue Christmas

Well folks, here it is.  The moment you’ve waited all year for, The Annual Christmas Song. If you’ve never heard the rest of The Adam Mormolstein Christmas Album: elf Titled, you’re in for a very special treat.  Check it out below.



Here’s the one from 2 years ago.  Interesting side note, this was the last time I was even remotely clean shaven.  Merry Christmas y’all!

Last Sunday

Last Sunday

I watched The Bears game last sunday

With my wife and my dog by my side

She had fixed us a recipe from the New York Times

We were happy to see them beat Cincinnati

I turned off the T.V. and checked my phone

I looked into the kitchen

“I love you honey”

The incandescents glowed for a little while longer before

We both went to sleep for the evening

Life continues on even when I’m gone

Through the mundane and on to Monday

Country Caroline


My newest original song!


3 Albums For Sale

My VideoSongs collection is now available for download!  Enjoy all the music from my YouTube channel sans Video!

Adam Mormolstein Plays His Hits is also now available!  Once only circulated amongst a small group of rare music collectors this album has finally made it’s way to the broader public.  Take a journey through the first decade of my songwriting/recording/playing/ and enjoy such uber-hits as With-or-Without You or the drama soaked Quarter Life Crisis!  Get your copy TODAY!

Adam Mormolstein, Now Available On Bandcamp


I am finally making my music available for you to check out/download/buy via this website called Bandcamp.  It’s a similar concept to the iTunes store in as much as that YOU can download my music, but it allows the artist a lot more flexibility to set their own prices, and even let YOU pay what you want for certain tracks/albums/etc.  Which is cool.

I’ve got my first batch all loaded up which is an album I made back in 2009 called 30.  30 was an experiment in songwriting.  I challenged myself to write and record a new song everyday for 30 consecutive days in an attempt (I guess) to write a lot of songs, or something.  Luckily I muddled through and was able to finish the project (albeit I didn’t sleep very much).  It plays like one mans journal of a Chicago summer month in 2009.  A very raw, honest, sometimes personal, sometimes weird, album.  If you listen closely you can hear the early morning birds picked up in the mics.

Stay posted as I get more stuff uploaded (Dang you slow upload speeds!)


Check out my version of one of my all time favorite songs by two brothers named Santo & Johnny.

The Tuning:  C#min Low to High

B   C#   E   G#   C#   E

The last three chords in the outro played on the Guitar are:

C#Maj        F#Half Diminished        C#6/9 (basically a 9th chord with the 6th in there as well)

Here are the last three chords for the 1959 Santo & Johnny hit song Sleepwalk.

Here are the last three chords for the 1959 Santo & Johnny hit song Sleepwalk.

A cool live version by Santo & Johnny.  I’m not sure why you can’t hear the Electric Guitar at all, but it makes it really easy to isolate what the steel part is doing.

The Simpsons Theme Song

Well, it only took a few months but I finally finished my rendition of The Simpsons Theme Song!  I’m not sure why (I mean other than it’s awesome), but one day the idea popped into my head to try and cover it, and it has consumed my life ever since.   Let me know what you think!

Frosty The Snowman!

The tradition continues.  Every year since 2005 I’ve done a rendition of a holiday jingle (and bell).  This year is an homage to classic country!  Download the album and come back in a year for the next installment!




Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards)


“So goodbye, so long, the road calls me dear”

With my work transfer complete, I’m excited to be starting a new adventure as I move to Nashville Tennesse.  Here is a classic Tom Waits song from the album “Closing Time” to commemorate.  Enjoy!