Please Help Me I’m Falling

by adammormolsteinmusic


This classic country song was originally done in 1960 by Hank Locklin.  It features the first example of what would become Floyd Cramer’s signature piano technique.  Cramer popularized a style of pop/country piano playing where you slide into each note, emulating the bending of a guitar or banjo string.  This became and important part of the era’s “Nashville Sound”.

The original recording was cut at RCA Studio B, and as it happens my friend John Gentile works their, and was generous enough to lend me his talents as a pianist.  The piano from the video has been used on countless other recordings by the likes of, oh, you know, Elvis, Dolly, Willie, Waylon, Roy…The list goes on.

My friends Sadie Hart & Tony Paoletta also contributed their incredible musical skillz.  Hope you enjoy!