Vintage Smoky Mountain Drum Kit

by adammormolsteinmusic

It started as a chance meeting with John Cannon.  We got to talking and I found out that he is a talented painter who has a studio in East Nashville’s Idea Hatchery.  I asked him if he had ever painted a bass drum head before and even though he said “no” I could tell that I had piqued his interest.  Its not a request many people have these days, but it was common for bass drum heads of the 20’s and 30’s to have paintings of natural settings on them.  John took me up on my request and we decided on a scene from my favorite place The Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

I also picked up 2 interesting vintage parade drums, used in marching bands, and converted them into Tom Toms.  The 13 inch drum is a 1960’s Ludwig Legionnaire Parade Drum with a mahogany shell and maple hoop.  I left the snares on this drum so I can switch between using it as a Tom and using it as THE ULTIMATE BALLAD SNARE DRUM.  I am pretty excited.

The 10 inch drum is very similar looking and was also a Parade Drum in a former life that has been converted to a Tom.  The Remo Fiberskyn 3 heads I put on give the drums a woody, warm, tone that sounds like calf with out the temperamental nature of calf.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments about this antique kit I’ve built!