Adam Mormolstein, Now Available On Bandcamp

by adammormolsteinmusic


I am finally making my music available for you to check out/download/buy via this website called Bandcamp.  It’s a similar concept to the iTunes store in as much as that YOU can download my music, but it allows the artist a lot more flexibility to set their own prices, and even let YOU pay what you want for certain tracks/albums/etc.  Which is cool.

I’ve got my first batch all loaded up which is an album I made back in 2009 called 30.  30 was an experiment in songwriting.  I challenged myself to write and record a new song everyday for 30 consecutive days in an attempt (I guess) to write a lot of songs, or something.  Luckily I muddled through and was able to finish the project (albeit I didn’t sleep very much).  It plays like one mans journal of a Chicago summer month in 2009.  A very raw, honest, sometimes personal, sometimes weird, album.  If you listen closely you can hear the early morning birds picked up in the mics.

Stay posted as I get more stuff uploaded (Dang you slow upload speeds!)