Vintage Drums & Cymbals!

by adammormolsteinmusic

You never know what you’re going to find on Craigslist.  I saw an ad for a great deal on a WWII Era 24×12 inch Slingerland Bass Drum with dampener, 1960’s Thin A Zildjian High Hats/Stand, an Antique Italian Ride Cymbal (possibly an early UFIP) which connects via a mounted cymbal arm, Antique China Cymbal and stand, a Wood Block, and two Cowbells with Bass Drum hoop attachment.

When I wrote asking if everything was still available, it was, and the seller turned out to be none other than one of my old drum teachers/percussionists/Chicago Music Legend/drum repair extraordinaire, John Maloney!  

This collection has a fantastically unique vintage sound, look, and feel.  The bass drum is low, deep, and punchy.  The hats have an amazingly trashy/washy/jazzy tone to them as does the China.  The ride is very articulate, but capable of a crash that sounds almost like an open high hat.  They perfectly compliment my newly updated snare.  Score!

I can’t wait to incorporate these new sounds into some songs I have on the horizon!

As always stay tuned!!