Vintage Snare. Modified.

by adammormolsteinmusic

Today the parts for my 1940’s Mahogany Snare Drum came in the mail! When I bought the drum there was a very rudimentary snare throw off, which mostly just consisted of a screw to loosen or tighten the snares, but no quick way to “turn the snares off”.  It also had  snare wires that were made of basically Low E Wound Electric Guitar stings which gave it a really “snappy” sound.  I decided to modify the drum to give it a more versatile sound, combining vintage and modern elements, which I love to do!

Once I had the new hardware I made a template to figure out exactly where the holes should be drilled. Then I drilled the holes for the hardware assembly, and screwed the new hardware on and put on the new snare wires.  Voila.  The new mod looks and sounds great and gives me a deeper/more mellow/more sensitive sound then before.