Building The Factory

by adammormolsteinmusic

It’s been an exciting musical week!  Yesterday my prize for winning the VideoSongBlog Video Contest, a Custom 77 Lust for Life E. Gtr finally arrived in the mail.  Right out of the box the action was low and the neck thin and fast.  This is somewhat of a big difference from my ’62 Harmony Rocket, which has a giant neck and a few endearing intonation issues.  The tone on the Custom 77 is really clean and bright, and so far I’ve been able to cull some great rhythm sounds and some super twangy twang from her.  She has two humbucker pickups with two independent volume controls, a single tone control, and a three way selector switch which give me some nice tonal options.  To steal a line from the great Matthew Francis Anderson:

{She has} more knobs n pickups than a street fulla hookers

Visually she’s kind of a babe too.  A nice glossy two tone sunburst.  Need I say more?  She’s going to make a nice addition to my instrument collection!

Be on the lookout for some audio examples!

Also this week, as part of the ARARA*  I added a very important component to my recording setup.  A Pair of Yamaha HS8Om Monitor Speakers.  These are based on the design of the coveted NS-10’s, which rose to prominence in the 80’s and are also apparently the most important speaker you’ve never heard of.  They played a role in mixing many of the most famous songs from that era, and gained the acronym IISGHSGOA: If-It-Sounds-Good-Here-Sounds-Good-On-Anything.

These speakers are a big step forward for me as that I had previously been mixing on a second hand pair of Boston Acoustic Hi-Fi speakers that I got at a thrift store for 5 bucks (the latex speaker surround had rotted away) and with a little handy work I brought them back from the dead.  While they were great for listening to music, they weren’t ideal for mixing music.  It would be kind of like a digital photographer trying to edit their pictures on a dusty old television, with a crack down the middle (I mean, that’s cool, but it was time for an upgrade).

Already these monitors have forced me to work harder at getting good sounds and have uncovered frequencies that need a little tweaking to sound just right.

*Adam Recovery And Reinvestment Act (if you wanna help this important program, you can donate old instruments and or money you have laying around collecting dust in exchange for my music!)