Super Mario World Overworld Theme Song

by adammormolsteinmusic

This is my entry into the 2012 One Minute Video Game Them Song Video Song Contest!  The winner gets a Custom 77 Lust for Life Electric Guitar!

 In my day I was a master of Super Mario World.  Uncovering secret levels, and playing it for hours on end.  I’m also pretty sure that the soundtrack of this game is responsible for a large amount of my taste in music.  For example this song alone contains a uke playing jazzy little chord progressions, coupled with catchy, dapper melodies, walking basslines, chromaticism, ragtime-isms, and generally happy sounding stuff.

The lion’s share of the audio was recorded with my Cascade Fat Head Ribbon Mic which even though it has a bit of a duller sound, and lower output (A nice pre-amp would easily solve those things) than my MXL 3000, I am growing to really really like using this mic.  My custom built Harmon/Kardon Sub Kick Mic also makes an appearance on the bass drum  and provides some serious low end punch.  Also the vintage snare I picked up makes it debut videosong appearance!  It sounds great!

Another thing of note is the Accordion sound.  When mixing in Logic I put the built in Rotor Plugin, which emulates a Leslie rotating speaker on all of the Accordion/Melodica tracks.  This gave them that whirring/windy organ sound, and I think it sounds pretty cool!

All of the video was shot using an iPhone 4s camera in conjunction with the amazing glif Tripod Stand and then edited using Final Cut Pro X.

Hope You Enjoy and I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!