La Zona Rosa

by adammormolsteinmusic


Last night I went to my first SXSW showcase. The first band, L.P. had this wildly androgynous lead singer who looked like a cross between Pat & a young Donovan. When she/he said their name was L.P. that didn’t help me figure it out. Either way once s/h started singing it was incredible (and incredibly loud). They had this effortlessly high, clear voice.

The next act was a British singer/song writer/rapper Ed Sheeran. This guy was a one man acoustic guitar playing, loop pedal phenom. He broke all but two strings on his guitar and still managed to blow minds and not skip a beat.

The band I was most excited was Punch Brothers. They were impossibly good. Tight harmonies, complex arrangements, and virtuosic playing. Oh man.

Also on this bill was Kimbra (wha wha) Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Dr. John (as in THE Dr. John).

I’m ready for day 2.