The Fabulous Mormolstein Will Now Tell You A Story

by adammormolsteinmusic

Jack Tell’s A Story
Jack Sings

Here is a man I never met, (and until recently never heard, or saw other than frozen in still pictures) that is largely responsible for my existence.  “Good Afternoon folks.  This is The  Fabulous Mormolstein!” (aka Grandpa Jack Mormolstein).  This summer I discovered an old reel of 1/4 inch tape marked from 1957 ripe with Jack telling stories, singing, in addition to my dad and aunt as little children, telling stories, singing and playing the piano.  So I immediately set out to digitize this important piece of history.  The above video is of Jack and family during the 40’s that I also digitized from old reels of 8mm film.

It’s weird how much of my own character is recognizable in his short story above.  For example:

  • Jack’s knack for wordplay (Goldie Locks/Lox and Bagels)
  • Awkward and nonsensical/non linear storytelling (How did we go from Goldie Locks, to Lox, to the First World War, to boosies?  This is cutting edge story telling 50 years early)
  • Extended talk about “boosies” ,which as far as I can gather is code for bosom (“A guy mentions the word a boosie, he get’s killed, who the heck knows what the word boosie means?”)
  • Enjoys singing and making up his own words

Just thought I would share this little gem.