by adammormolsteinmusic

This is a quick little drum set recording I made with my newly constructed UFO Mic* as the Bass Drum mic. It’s a Steve Gadd flavored Mozambique ala “Late In The Eveneing” met with some mid 60’s Geoff Emerick style limiting.

It turns out that if you wire a speaker in reverse it turns it into a microphone! So I put this principle to the test with my Harman/Kardon subwoofer which had until now found a second life as a foot rest underneath my desk. It now has a third life as an excellent little bass drum mic/bass guitar mic. With the help of my friend Brent we wired this bad boy up and it works great. The large diameter of the speaker is perfectly suited to pickup the low end frequency response of bass drums/ basses/etc. I think this is going to be a staple in my drum micing setup.

* The mic setup was as follows:

UFO Mic on the floor pointing at the batter head of the Bass Drum, and it also happened to be underneath the floor tom. It did a great job adding the low end to the Floor Tom as well as the Bass Drum which you can hear in the above recording.

The other mics were in a Glyn Johns-y set up:

A Cascade FatHead ribbon mic about 3 ft above the snare,

A MXL3000 large diaphragm condenser mic pointing at the floor tom from about 2 ft away

A SM57 dynamic mic underneath the snare.