An Excerpt I like, If I may:

by adammormolsteinmusic

I read Henry Ford’s self penned “My Life & Work” this summer.  This is the part that has stuck with me the most:

The habit of failure is purely mental and is the mother of fear.  This habit gets itself fixed on men because they lack vision.  They start out to do something that reaches from A to Z.  At A they fail, at B they stumble, and at C they meet with what seems to be insuperable difficultly.  They then cry “Beaten” and throw the whole task down.  They have not even given themselves a chance really to fail; they have not given their vision a chance to be proved or disproved.  They have simply let themselves be beaten by the natural difficulties that attend every kind of effort.

More men are beaten than fail.  It is failure that is easy.  Success is always hard.   

I really like that notion especially as I enter into 2012.  The whole book is actually quite good (well…maybe not that chapter there at the end about how the modern jew is ruining the country, but everything else in it is really good) and I would highly recommend reading it at least once.