Tonight You Belong To Me

by adammormolsteinmusic

I got a new microphone (actually I’m really just replacing one that got stolen). It’s a Cascade Fat Head Ribbon Mic and it’s sweet. It’s very warm and natural sounding, which are two of my favorite characteristics. It’s also bi-directional, meaning you can sing into it from both ends which is great for recording two vocalists kind of like this:

I made a test recording using my new Fat Head* with my brother helping out on backup harmonies. It’s an old song called “Tonight You Belong To Me”. It’s one of those song’s that are instantly likable and dangerously catchy. Man, how do you write those? Have a listen and tell Jason he did a great job on his debut singing performance!

* For recording nerds… this recording was made with just the FatHead in the center of the room with Me & my Uke on one side and Jason on the other side about 3-5 feet from the mic, and was done entirely live. Something I’ve realized is that it’s much more fun to make music with another person as opposed to sitting alone in a room. You should try it sometime if you haven’t, it’s pretty great. I applied a little EQ and compression to give it some lift.